Store Photography

I have been on Etsy since 2010, but recently decided to change things up an revamp with a new store and a new look. I dabble with photography only for the sake of getting great pictures for the store so buyers can see what the item is without all the odd colors and adjustments that can make the product look tacky or off-putting.

Today, I managed to take a bunch of photos for the store so I can start getting my listings ready to launch. I played around with a few props and creative camera angles, most of which were a pretty good, oddly enough. Here is the setup I ended up with:

Photo Props

I wanted a more natural feel to the store because my previous store seemed stiff and flat, especially in the photo department. I had a few fake leaves, a small tree branch, a larger stone and a few mulch pieces laying around in the yard. I then decided to set these items up on the white canvas to see if I could make an interesting visual for my product.

I took photos of jewelry that had been in my previous store, but needed a new look to attract buyers to the new store. Here are a few of the photos I took. Note: I took these in the shade on a sunny day and adjusted the exposure on my camera.

Overall I was pretty happy with the pictures and will be using them to make my listings. I also make hair accessories and other jewelry items, so I am interested to see if they will also turn out as well as these pictures did. I will post again once I get the listings live.


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