Welcome to Crafty Kiara!

Kiara the Chiweenie

Above is the picture of my little pride and joy, Kiara. She is my inspiration and my craft buddy (even though she is asleep most of the time)! We spend a lot of time together and it only made sense to me to name the site and the Etsy store after her. She is such a sweetheart!

The purpose of this site is to chronicle my craft making exploits and hopefully make a few bucks along the way in the Etsy store. I dabble with a few craft forms, mainly beaded jewelry, but I have ventured into a few other areas as well. I will post as often as I can to give updates on what is on sale in the store, any tips and tricks I have, and what projects I might be working on. So stay tuned!


Self proclaimed repurposer of everyday items for crafts and home improvement projects. I create YouTube tutorials and try to make the world a little more colorful each day.

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