Slow start – but that is okay!

We launched the Grand Opening of our store, Crafty Kiara Shop, on Etsy and we are getting lots of views but not any sales. We got one sale prior to grand opening which was pretty cool. I am not worried though.

The thing with selling online is being able to get your products out in front of a large audience that is interested in your product. Sometimes it is really easy, other times if takes a few trial and errors to find the right mix.

Right now, I am mainly trying to gauge where my traffic is coming from. I get a lot of views through a promoted Facebook post which is logical, given that I paid to show a public ad. I am also getting a few views through Instagram, thanks to tagging in Etsy feeds.

The key to anything with online marketing is keywords.

I have upped my amount of keywords on my individual listings and I am working to try to get the right keywords for my social media posts as well. Since I am only working on this part time, due to other obligations, I didn’t expect overnight success or even sales to be honest.

I am going to work on new products this week and even adding some items I had from my previous store into the mix. Things will come together. In the meantime, below is the graphic with our current sales for the month. Click “Crafty Kiara Shop” to link to our Etsy store and take advantage of our current promotions!

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