Countdown has Begun!

We are about 8 days out from closing on our house in Palm Bay, FL. These past few weeks have seemed like a blur of nothing but packing and getting stuff ready for the move. I am excited that my husband and I are going to have our own place! I am also excited about the possibilities I have for crafting and adding more to my store since I will have a dedicated space to work in.

As expected, there hasn’t been much activity in my store, which is fine since I am focused temporarily on other projects for the move. All of my craft stuff is packed up (except my store stock) and I already took apart my craft desk and bookcases. I only have a few more things to take apart and a little bit left to pack. I am almost out of packing tape!

My husband and I have also gone out the past few weekends to hit garage sales to help get a few items that we didn’t have before. I found a few hand tools, some stuff for the kitchen, a few ladders (a wooden one for a craft idea I have and an aluminum one for around the house), and other odds and ends that will help get us started. As you may recall, we currently live with my parents and before that lived with my In-Laws so we haven’t really had the need for a bunch of stuff for the house.

Now, it’s a different story!

I had a checklist of items to get and right now only need a few more (like a new kitchen faucet and a dryer vent cleaner). Between Amazon, garage sales and family members getting rid of stuff, we have done pretty well in getting most of the list done. Today, I ordered a new harness for Kiara since she will have to be on a leash when we take her out until we get the back yard completely fenced in. The fence is lacking a gate and a section between my she-shed and the back fence. Luckily, I was able to snag two gates from my sister along with a few pieces of fence that should be enough to bridge the gap. Now all I need are some posts and concrete, but I will get them once we have moved in.

Our main goal for the move was to budget and acquire items while still maintaining a cushion in our bank account, just in case something pops up. So far we are doing well. I rented the moving truck (Uhaul) and have almost all the utilities setup (except the water – you have to go in person). I even laid out how the moving truck will be packed so that will go quicker as well. Since we have two make two stops for stuff on moving day, I wanted to make sure everything was accounted for and that we had plenty of space (I rented the truck for 2 days just to make sure I have plenty of time too).

I have moved quite a few times in my life, for various reasons, but I feel like this move is the most organized I have ever been. Color coded boxes, truck layout, house layout, staged boxes, furniture taken apart and even open first items staged. Since we are going to need to clean and possibly remove the carpets in the house, I have a ton of cleaning supplies and tools ready to go with us for closing. I already have new door locks, a programmable thermostat, stainless steel washer hoses, and a new vacuum prepped so we can hit the ground running.

Anyway, to wrap things up here, I wanted to announce our “Moving Sale” that is going on in the Crafty Kiara Shop now until May 31st. We are offering free domestic shipping on all store items!

Shop now and stay tuned for more updates!

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2 thoughts on “Countdown has Begun!

  1. I love keeping up with your move. Have you checked out a Habitat for Humanity store? I think they are called Restore. You can find lots of stuff for cheap at these places. My daughter and her husband have found lots of good finds there for the remodeling they are doing on their house. I think these stores are nationwide.

    1. I have found a few things in the one here in Orlando. I will have to see if there is one nearby in Palm Bay.

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