It’s not a She-Shed but it works great!

Almost settled into the new house we bought in Palm Bay last month. Over the past few weeks I have been cleaning, painting and de-taping everything I can to get us settled in our new digs. I have mainly been working on the inside of the house (with the exception of painting most of the outside) and I am finally at a point where I can say I am finally in the home stretch. There are quite a few things to go and since I just set up my desktop again, I figured I would share a few things with you.

First of all, it is going to take some time to get the She-Shed ready, so I decided to setup shop in the family room. Here is the family room before (specifically my area)…


Yes, this is the real estate picture. The owner still lived in the house (in fact cleared out the rest of his stuff on closing day!!!!) and needless to say, there was quite a bit of work to be done.

Here is the after of my space!

Wall Near Door

This first picture is of the wall near the door. I put up a white board, hung some fabric covered canvas for earrings to hang on and added a metal shelf for some of my craft boxes. I even managed to create a small “yarn cart” on the left there!

Desk Setup

My craft desk is setup behind my computer desk. Here I have my bead findings and other small craft items. The 5 drawer unit next to the desk I found on the side of the road. Next to the desk on the left (which you can’t see) is a folding table and a rolling cart with all my beads.

Under the Bar

There is a pass through from the kitchen with a bar area. We won’t be using it for sitting or eating at so I put some shelves and a cabinet to organize more of my supplies.


I started a pegboard on the wall. I don’t have everything up yet, but you get the idea.

Overall I am pretty happy with the space and I think being in the “She-Shed” would be too far from the house and out of my precious AC! The other side of the room my husband uses as an office, since he works from home.

I am planning on adding some more items to the store this month once I finish a few more projects around the house that require attention… Like this bathroom…

Master Bathroom

Yes, that is my master bathroom. Still has original green toilet and sink. Again, this was the real estate photo. I fixed the other bathroom because we currently use it the most and required less work. Here is what it looked like before and after.

Real Estate Photo
Painted and cleaned

Still have some work to do but it is working out great!

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  1. Love these pictures. Your craft area looks great! Enjoy doing your beading there.

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