Trying something new

Recently I had been thinking that I had lost my flare when it came to beaded jewelry. I enjoy making them but they do not seem to sell. Could be marketing or could be about a hundred other things that I haven’t focused on? To be honest, it was kind of making me second guess my creative abilities completely. I mean, family likes my stuff – or are they just being nice?

I decided to pare down my jewelry supplies in hopes that I might get the bug to start beading again, but alas, that is not the case. The more I looked through, the more it seemed like a sea of beads with lackluster dreams than a spark of creativity. I lost my spark. I also noticed that I am a bead hoarder and need to seriously sort through these before I am found buried under boxes of beads sorted by shape, color and size.

Anyway, I decided to make this huge bead soup to sell online to clean out about 75% of my stash. I haven’t sold a thing. I know I need to market and I know I need to should shout out from the roof tops that I have all these cool beads and findings. However, sometimes you just get in a rut and when you see everyone else selling stuff, you just want to stay in your little cave and forget you even bothered to make anything anyway. I have that feeling a lot. Here is my soup below:

20 lbs of beads and findings

Now, I decided that I wanted to craft something that I “felt” creative about – wreaths. So now I have made a ton of wreaths and put two online so far that are not selling either. Part of the issue with them is that everywhere I look, people are making better wreaths than I have and I also don’t have the supplies I need to make them awesome. Well and the big elephant in the room – I just lack confidence in my work. Why? It is an accumulation of things that drag me down. Does anyone like this? Is this the right color? Did I go crazy making too many of these things? If I had friends, would they like them?

Something I made

I have had this problem for a long time. I make something that I think is awesome until it sits there with no traffic and no interest. I try a new craft, same issue. Right now I am just bummed out. It doesn’t help that I haven’t worked in a long time, so I lack my own money to buy things that I want in order to sell. That is my issue entirely of course. I could have gone back to work along time ago, but I had psyched myself out because of the never ending list of chronic illnesses I seem to accumulate. Plus, I was still upset about my hysterectomy (still am) and the still ongoing issues with that years later. Chronic pain and depression don’t help either. It’s like I hit 33 and just ran into a brick wall of issues. I turn 42 next month so I am just waiting to see what other fun my health has in store for me. I think Lupus was on the list next.

Anyway, back to my stuff that doesn’t sell. I know I only have myself to blame, there are a million resources and people out there that could help me along. It’s just frustrating when you know deep down that you are your own worst enemy. I also know that I tend to be really good at making something once and then not so great after that. I am not sure why that is the case but you have to have consistency when you sell. I also tend to only have supplies to make one of something, which has been an issue if someone wants more than one to say the least.

Today I applied to a few part time jobs. Nothing fancy since who knows if I can handle 40 hours anymore. No management jobs. Totally done with that aspect of working. I don’t care what they offer me, I will not fall into the management trap again. LOL. Of course, I am assuming they will even contact me being that I am over qualified. I usually run into that issue. I have a “dumbed down” version of my resume that tones down all my management experience. I hate having to do that but I am tried of people assuming I will work there until something better comes along. In all honesty, doesn’t everyone do that anyway?

In the meantime, I may try other avenues for selling. I don’t have enough to do a craft show. I might be able to do a flea market booth. Some people sell directly on Facebook, but I am not sure how that works. I did try to sell stuff at a garage sale once, but really didn’t do much. I got feedback that my stuff was nice but not what they wanted. I was okay with that. Not everybody is into the same things.

I did launch a sale in my store on the wreaths (I need to add more) for 15% off. Hopefully I can generate a little more traffic and maybe sell something.

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