New Year, New Stuff

Today I finally got to work on my store again. Seems like every time I want to I get delayed or something else comes up. I have been working on organizing my craft space the past week or so. I figured that might help get me out of my crafting rut. I am still going to work on wreaths, but I need a clear table to work on first. LOL.

Anyway, recently I started working with my mother in law on a project that involved both of our crafty talents – acrylic paint pour jewelry. She is the expert at pouring the paint and making cells and all the good technical stuff that comes along with the whole process. She has been doing quite a lot of pours over the past few months and she suggested the jewelry as another avenue for showing off the really cool pours.

At the tail end of last year, I got some of her canvas pours she wasn’t giving out to family and friends and decided to see how the process would work. Many people use leftover paint skins or even just dip the cabochons into the pour, but at the time, I only had the completed canvas pours.

The process is pretty easy. Once you find a spot that looks awesome under the cabochon you glue the cabochon in place (I used E6000 clear glue). Here is a picture below.

Gluing on the cabochons

After they dry – which is about 24 hours – you can then cut out the cabochons with scissors. It is really easy to do and it is amazing how the paint pour “pop” under the glass cabochon. Here is an example of what I am talking about:


Putting the cabochons in the bezels is easy as well. You can use your e6000 again to glue them in place. Make sure you let them dry overnight to insure proper setting.

Once I made all these cabochons I needed to take pictures of them. I am not sure if you have ever taken a picture of a cabochon (or anything glass-like) but they tend to reflect and have glares. These are really hard to photograph without a weird light or dark shadow intruding on the picture. Luckily, after a little research, I found the perfect solution!


Yes, this is the take out box from my sushi I got the other day. I saw another person online (I forget where!!) and they used the larger takeout box to create a “cloud dome”. I needed to take the best shot I could without a ton of glare so I decided to cut out a hole on the top of the box that is the same size as the center of my ring light (which is in another picture). I added a few layers of Styrofoam around the opening to help diffuse the light better since the ring light is pretty bright right against the Styrofoam. When you look through the hole it looks like this:

Like a doughnut!

It does look like a doughnut, but it is actually a small cork that I place the cabochon on, which is on top of a small square of scrap booking paper. It doesn’t look like much but it works. Once the cabochon is inside the container and centered, I place the ring light on top and then my camera on top of that like a weird sandwich.

Weird sandwich

After a few focusing adjustments and a bit of fine tuning on the camera, I got this picture.

First Shot

I didn’t want to get too close to the cabochon because then the camera would reflect. There is a little bit of light reflecting but way less than I had before. Now I just upload this into my computer so I can crop and white balance the photo.

After cropping and white balance

This looks way better than the glare filled photos I had before and it was super easy to do too. I posted this particular cabochon for sale in my store tonight and I will be adding more tomorrow. Check it out here:
Link to Heart Cabochon

I am trying to get myself to write my blog more and offer some tips on how I do things here and there. I am also trying to get more stuff in my store!

Till next time!

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