Repurposing Old Wreaths into New Ones

Last Christmas I had made a couple of wreaths for the front door of the new house. They were kind of a last minute thing since the other outdoor decor was done and they looked bare. I decided to make deco mesh wreaths that used what I refer to as a “gathering method” in which you take your deco mesh and instead of cutting it, you gather it into little “bubbles” that are attached to the wreath frame. Here is a picture of them below for reference.

Door Wreaths

At the time they served their purpose, but they didn’t grab me as something that I really truly liked. So in today’s video, I am taking apart these wreaths and making a whole new wreath by repurposing the deco mesh, chenille stems and one wreath frame. Watch the video below to see what I did.

Repurposing Old Wreaths Video

I was really happy with the way this wreath turned out. I liked that it was fuller and offered more of a “holiday feel” than the previous wreaths did. The only new thing I added was 2 inch velvet ribbon to wrap around the exposed wreath frame. I will add embellishments later as Christmas time approaches.

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