DIY Flower Planters from recyclable materials

Recently I have been working on the outside areas of my house since they have been a little neglected since we moved in last year. The inside needed a bit more TLC so the outside had to wait for it’s chance in the sun. I really want to make a few garden areas and landscape to give us some much needed curb appeal. I have quite a few projects I will be working on over the next few months, but I really wanted to just dive in and start somewhere.

Today I made a video showing how you can make flower planters from recyclable materials. It is not a new concept by far, but I thought it would be a good starting point to show the beginning of my garden journey. I have quite a few ideas and hopefully will be able to share all of them with you over the coming months.

Check out my video here on making your own colorful flower planters from plastic food containers and dog food cans. Some containers are even for hanging up to save you valuable space if you have only a small area to plant in.

DIY Flower Planters Video

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