DIY Garden Sign

I have been working on a few crafts for my garden and I really wanted to make a garden sign to put out in “Narnia”. I didn’t want to buy one, of course, so I decided to use a few items that I had laying around that needed to be repurposed. The materials I used for this project are:

a wooden frame (from an old canvas)

chicken wire

metal lids (you can you mason jar lids but you’ll have to glue the tops on)

foam stamps (to spell out “GARDEN”

acrylic paint

20 gauge wire

1/8th inch metal drill bit


wire cutters

painting supplies (brushes, etc)

small nails (or staples)

and a wooden cutout (in this case I had a wooden dragonfly)

In the video below I show you how I took these items and created a garden sign. It is a pretty easy project and you can adapt to whatever materials you have available around your house. The goal here is to make something new from old items.

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