A little yard work never hurt anybody… except the yard

Since we have been at our house, my focus has been on the inside by cleaning, painting, organizing and even remodeling the master bathroom. I am still doing work on the inside put it is mainly decor oriented. The outside, however, is a whole other story. I did paint the outside of the house when we first moved in and then I pretty much just maintain the yard to the point that it doesn’t look like a jungle.

Lately my focus has been to work on the outside more. I have been working on “Narnia” as you have seen in one of my videos, but I still need to finish it up (some wasps are making that hard right now). I need to paint the garage, finish painting the patio and the back awning. Oh, and paint that little space outside the dining room where more wasps hang out. Yard wise, I did trim the trees a bit. We have a tangerine and a mango tree. There are about 4 other trees too (not fruit bearing kind). I have some bushes off the carport that grow like mad.

Yesterday, I redid the edging on the side of the house and made it a bit more defined. It had been run over and pushed in so it was hard to make out where the flower bed began and where the lawn did. It is all taken over with grass and there are quite a few landscape rocks in the mix too. Here is the progress I made so far.

Much better than before

It is still not much to look at but at least the edging is nice and even. I shortened the flower bed so it doesn’t run all the way to the fence. To me, that is way too big of a flower bed on the side of the house. I decided to put a little angle to the edging instead of rounding it out like it had been previously. I then angled the edging in to meet the wall that is outside of the dining room. My plan is to either get mulch or gravel to cover up the flower bed space after putting down a layer of cardboard to kill off the weeds (and grass).

For the area between the wall and the fence I am planning on putting concrete slabs to make a little area for the trash cans to live (instead of the carport) and I will probably put up a little wall to “hide” them. My yard is pretty sandy and we took out our sprinkler system (it wasn’t used in years). Eventually I will try to grow some grass or maybe even do some ground cover (like clover) to fill in all the sandy areas.

There is a flower bed in the flower bed (?) and you can see the edge of it in the picture on the right. It is all sand so I made a layer of topsoil and potting soil on top and planted some seeds. Hopefully they will sprout something, if not, I am getting some sprouts on the Scarlet Sage I planted in the planters on the patio, so maybe I will use them.

I am hoping to make more progress outside, but with the heat (I have heat intolerance and cold intolerance (Yes it sucks!)) and the rain, because Florida is in hurricane season now, it might take a while for me to get stuff done. Not to mention, I am still not ready to venture to stores to buy stuff with the whole pandemic going on and of course now there are a bunch of riots and looting too (Why 2020? Why?). But I will do what I can and see if I can make any dent in the craziness.

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