Crazy about frames

I accumulated quite a few picture frames recently and I decided over the past few days to actually do something with them instead of moving them from place to place in my craft area. I am not sure if you are like this, but when I get working on a craft project, suddenly, I want to make a ton of them at once.

The first one I worked on was actually a pendant frame that I got for a steal at Hobby Lobby on clearance ($3.79 for a $59.99 item) since the outer frame for the glass had come apart. Easy fix with a few nails and glue. I decided to take apart a bunch of flowers I had gotten from Michael’s a few years back (I am a craft hoarder!) and I just filled the pendant case with them. No gluing at all!

Flowers in a Pendant Case

I am really happy with how this turned out and it was perfect to fill in a wall space between the entertainment center and the kitchen nook. Next I dabbed with a few more frames I got from Hobby Lobby (for $1.39 each) and added some scrap booking paper and a few wooden butterfly cutouts. These are hanging in the master bath on a door we are not using that goes to the 2nd bedroom. These look great and added a nice pop of color to the room.

Butterfly Silhouette Frames

Not done yet!

Today, I used a few frames I had gotten from an old neighbor who moved a few months ago. She had 6 pictures frames that had your normal flower images in them. They were not bad, but I wanted to do something different with them. I took them apart, starting with the two largest frames and added some pictures of Kiara! I them taped the two frames together to make them open like a book and place them in the entertainment center area that you put your tv (our tv is way too big to fit that space).

Kiara Pictures
Entertainment Center

Still not done! LOL!

There were 4 more frames, two of each style left. I decided to take the wood grain ones and do a little more scrap booking to add them to my guest bathroom. I painted the wood grain white. I also finally used the mini shadow boxes I got at Dollar Tree forever ago and placed flower petals in them to add I nice wall piece to the area.

Guest Bathroom Frames and Shadow Boxes

The remaining two frames I took apart and added some inspirational quotes and words from my scrap booking lot. The frames were super dusty so I had to wash and scrub them to get them back to their nice golden color. I hung these in the kitchen on the cabinets that are on either side of the kitchen sink. Sometimes you need a little motivation when doing dishes!

Right Side
Left Side

For now I think I have gotten my frame obsession under control, although I think I still have a few hiding in the guest room. 🙂

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