Adding a little flair to some home decor items

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My mother-in-law is currently moving to a new house (closer to us) and had a few decor items she wasn’t going to use at the new house. If you follow my blog regularly, you know I tend to gather unwanted items from others and then add my own spin to them. In this case I got a really nice wall decor piece of vines that hold plates with magnolias on them. I don’t have the before picture put here is the after:

Wall Decor – Vines with Plates

The only thing I did was paint the leaves and the little coil springs green. Not only did it add a pop of color to the black metal, but it made the piece look a little more vibrant than before. I have this in my dining room and it really completes the space.

Another item I got from my mother-in-law, was two wall mounted candle holders that can hold 8 candles each in glass votives. For these, I decided to use glass clings that you can paint to add a little color to the votives. The ones I used are from Martha Stewart that I had gotten at Micheal’s a couple of years ago. Here is an example of one close up (with paint):

Glass Votive with Painted Glass Cling

These clings work best with glass paint, but I used acrylic paint anyway (I am such a rebel)! Here are the clings on Amazon if you wanted to check them out:

I painted mine after I put them on the glass. There is more definition with the black outline clings as opposed to silver outline (top holder). Here is the finished project on my butterfly wall.

Candle votives with glass clings

I can’t wait to use the clings on other projects down the road.

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